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The Allegretti farm was founded in Barile, as a classic producer of grapes and Aglianico del Vulture DOC wine, a great wine from Basilicata, listed among world’s 7 greatest wines. Soon it conquers important markets in Europe and USA. Over the years it has been implemented an innovative idea: “participated and sustainable agriculture”: to open the vine and the winery to visitors, participation in Aglianico DOC wine production – BnB hospitality – Homerestaurant in the cellar –  Local “Food and wine tours” in the nearby Amalfi Coast, combining environment, landscapes, architecture, art and rural life with anthropological insights.


“To my partner and my parents, to have transmitted me love, passion and work ethic.”

The first costumers


The first customers were found on the regional and national market, but soon we collected orders for the following year 2002, in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, England, California, USA and France.

Evolution and growth

2007 - 2019

Evolution and growth in the last decade experimenting with new formulas of participated agriculture, hospitality tasting of local dishes in the Cellars, food and wine tasting in Basilicata, Puglia, Campania and Lazio linked to culture, architecture and history. From the elaboration of these ideas comes the new ALLEGRO FARM project, which will open its vision sharing in the world.

Our story

Since 1986 the Allegretti family has been producing Aglianico wine for the first time. With the passing of the years the company. Allegretti grows bigger, because father Francesco, architect by profession as winemaker by vocation, transmits his passion and love for this noble art to his children.
Then, next to the wine and sparkling wines, there are other products: extra virgin olive oil and, finally, a little bit of balsamic vinegar.
A story made of passion, work, attention to tradition but always with an eye to innovation and technological evolution and “AN ANCIENT STORY, A MODERN COMPANY” (photo brochure with wine glass and apple pc). Today a new era opens with a new philosophy of participated agriculture ALLEGRO FARM.

Vine strains
Foundation year
Types of wine
Bottles produced/year

Aglianico del Vulture DOC

Il Barile

The great “Red Lucan” was born from Vulture’s Hills, land of great history.

Vine produced with grapes from vineyards owned by Allegretti. Production Area on land of volcanic origin located at 400/600 meters s.l.m .. Grape harvest III / IV week of October strictly by hand.WINE-making Fermentation 10/15 days at controlled temperature. Aging in steel barrels with passage in barriques and aging in bottle. Alcoholic degradation 13% vol. Vinous bouquet with hints of violet and red fruits. Ruby red color with orange reflections after aging.Taste, sapid, fresh harmoniously rightly tannic tending to velvety. Food combination Roast pairings, game, cheeses Mediterranean cuisine. Tasting It is to be to 18/20° C.

IGT red from Aglianico grapes

Castello Svevo

Red nole wine dedicated to the history, culture and architecture of Frederic 2nd of Swabia.
Vine aglianico. Production area selected grapes from northern Basilicata vineyards. Harvest II / IV week of October.Wine-making fermentation 10/12 days at controlled temperature. Aging in steel barrels and bottling next year. alcohol content 12% vol. Color ruby red . Vinous bouquet, fresh with hints of fruity. Flavor dry, sapid rightly tannic. nFood combination Roast pairings, cheeses daily cuisine. Tasting serve 12/14 ° C.



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