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Our Story


The first bottle of Aglianico Allegretti wine, produced in 1985, for hobby and passion, in 1999 translates into a farm with its own vineyards and winery. Francesco architect by profession takes his first steps in this magical world of enology. Soon the passion that had moved Francesco and the small farm took shape in this Barile territory that has always been dedicated to viticulture. With the birth of the internet Francesco officially registers aglianicodelvulture.it, realizes the website, the leaflet and starts to travel the world and conquer small but significant wine markets, exporting to most of the world. A fantastic story full of interests and contacts, because the world of wine is made of contacts, relationships and friendships with importers, professionals, journalists and, above all, consumers.

Now, after 20 years, a new idea of participated agriculture has made a breakthrough, creating a new project of agriculture and shared winery linked to hospitality and tourism.


“To my partner and my parents, to have transmitted me love, passion and work ethic.”

The first costumers


The first customers were found on the regional and national market, but soon we collected orders for the following year 2002, in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, England, California, USA and France.

Evolution and growth

2007 - 2019

Evolution and growth in the last decade experimenting with new formulas of participated agriculture, hospitality tasting of local dishes in the Cellars, food and wine tasting in Basilicata, Puglia, Campania and Lazio linked to culture, architecture and history. From the elaboration of these ideas comes the new ALLEGRO FARM project, which will open its vision sharing in the world.