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The great reds of Basilicata ``IL BARILE`` and ``CASTELLO SVEVO`` noble protagonists in Italy and in the world by a great brand ALLEGRETTI's WINES
Il Barile
Aglianico del Vulture Doc

Vine produced with grapes from vineyards owned by Allegretti. Production Area on land of volcanic origin located at 400/600 meters s.l.m. Grape harvest III / IV week of October strictly by hand. WINE-making Fermentation 10/15 days at controlled temperature. Aging in steel barrels with passage in barriques and aging in bottle. Alcoholic degradation 13% vol. Vinous bouquet with hints of violet and red fruits. Ruby red color with orange reflections after aging. Taste, sapid, fresh harmoniously rightly tannic tending to velvety. Food combination Roast pairings, game, cheeses Mediterranean cuisine. Tasting It is to be to 18/20° C.

Castello Svevo
Red IGT from Aglianico vines

Vine aglianico. Production area selected grapes from northern Basilicata vineyards. Harvest II / IV week of October. Wine-making fermentation 10/12 days at controlled temperature. Aging in steel barrels and bottling next year. alcohol content 12% vol. Color ruby red. Vinous bouquet, fresh with hints of fruity. Flavour dry, sapid rightly tannic. Food combination Roast pairings, cheeses daily cuisine. Tasting serve 12/14 ° C.

Moscato del Duca sparkling wine

Sparkling wine from grapes Muscat, sweet and aromatic. Cheerful and lively, cheers up the special occasions with harmony and a touch of liveliness.

Vine muscat 100% Alcohol 6/7% vol. Exciting aroma of Muscat. Colors straw yellow. Taste sweet and lovable. Combinations sweet and desserts. Testing serve well cold in a narrow neck flute

Aglianico sparkling wine

Aglianico sparkling wine, sweetish, sweet and lovable, well suited for its “vivacity” to accompany both meals, conversations and entertainment at the end of the meal with dried fruit, chestnuts and sweets.

Vine Aglianico Alcohol 9/10% vol. Exciting characteristic vinous aroma with hints of berries. Colors red ruby. Taste sweet and lovable. Combinations dried fruit, typical sweets and chestnuts. Testing serve well cold in a narrow neck flute.

Extra virgin olive oil

An exclusive oil is born from the hills of the Vulture. The genuine and natural extra virgin olive from plants owned by Allegretti. Monumental plants of over 300 years of life still generous to give their fruit without chemicals.

  The oil is a fundamental element in the Mediterranean diet, an ideal condiment for an eventful and stressful life.